Claro Media Marketing

Take Your Marketing to a Whole New Level

Can You Scale To 1000 Orders A Day?

Did you know that a single winning test can scale your offer from 25 sales a day to 100? It happens all the time.  However, you can do much better. What we focus on is full funnel optimization to take you from 100 sales a day to 1000 sales a day.


Our team of experienced copywriters can transform your offer into a sizzling hot media dominator. 

We will only work with you if your offer has potential. If your offer doesn't cut it, we will tell you up front. Not only that, we will give you our top tips for creating a killer offer, based on real data.

Power Up Your Email Marketing

Most people don't know that email marketing can easily generate the highest return per lead after SMS. Using our innovative and unique email delivery and compliance methods, you can be sure to hit the top of their inboxes on every single campaign.

We don't just promise results we guarantee them! Increase your email marketing revenue by 50% or pay nothing.

Optimizing the full funnel

Our experience, expertise and knowledge of some of the highest-converting scalable offers ever to hit the market means we know how to apply changes to your funnel that will make key differences.

Think of it as targeting pressure points. When you do this, you release a powerful new flow of energy. For your offer, this means an injection of new sales to scale upwards.

Media Buying

Did you find that it was confusing, complicated, risky and expensive to buy traffic? Did you ever spend a fortune on traffic and get nothing in return? You're not alone. This is what many new entrepreneurs experience. With our help you can gain positive ROI in your ad campaigns from as early as day one.

International Sales

We've also helped a number of our clients successfully launch their businesses to foreign language markets. These untapped markets are often hungry for solutions to problems and low competition. With our help you can launch your offer in as soon as 30 days.

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